Honda Window Regulator Lawsuit
The plaintiffs in a legal action relating to the failure of American Honda Motor Company's window regulators to operate correctly in certain autos, have filed a motion for leave to modify. Phyllis Grodzitsky of California, and Jeremy Bordelon of Tennessee, have asked the court to permit them to modify their original complaint to include another case that is now outstanding. The 2 plaintiffs had filed a class action lawsuit against Honda claiming that the window regulator in certain cars is broken and ends in the sidelite falling into the door frame or becoming stuck in the fully-open position. 

Mark David Olson, filed a class action complaint on April ten, 2012 against American Honda Motor Company covering the same auto models, model years and alleged window regulator defect included in the Grodzitsky and Bordelon case. 

In the motion for leave to amend, Grodzitsky and Bordelon's lawyers inform the court that, "Plaintiffs from both the Olson case and the instant case have concluded jointly to file an accomplished complaint incorporating claims from both cases." 

The motion adds that the new complaint would include claims by 2 further accusers and "modified claims planned to address arguments raised in the defendant's motion to dismiss and motion to strike." 

The lawyers for the plantiffs claim that this would streamline litigation and forestall the court from having two class action suits that cover the same products. 

At this time Honda has not consented to the filing of a skilled complaint. 

Grodzitsky, owner of a Honda Odyssey, and Bordelon, owner of a Honda Element, claimed in the first complaint that they reported repeated screw ups of window regulators in their autos. Grodzitsky further claims that she approached her local Honda service boss and was told, "all [Honda Odysseys] have that problem." 

"Honda knew of the window regulator defect, yet didn't reveal and hid the defect from class members and the public and Honda continued to market and misrepresent the class vehicles as 'reliable' and 'durable' automobiles, which they are not," read the first complaint. 

The auto models in question include the Honda Odyssey, Pilot, Component, Contract, CR-V, Civic and Acura MDX between the years of 1994-2007. 

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