As Oklahoma City starts to recover, auto glass business is booming for local auto glass shops.
Tues. evening, Oklahoma City experienced a thrashing of hail, flooding and thunderstorms. As Oklahoma City starts to recover, auto glass business is booming for local auto glass shops. 

"Business is 4 times what it usually is," claims Joe Rogers, owner of JJ Glass Service in Oklahoma Town. 

"We're working on 25-30 cars todaysame as yesterday. I've got fifteen pages of people to call back with quotes," says Elizabeth "Bumper" Haddock, office chief at Penn Glass Company. "We are right where the hurricane hit so I think that's the reason why it's been so much." 

Other auto glass shops like Town Glass on May barely had the time to talk on the telephone saying that they were extremely busy and truly backed up in the shop . 

"Business has tripled," claims Kyle Launchbaugh, owner of Metro Glass. "So far we've been able to keep abreast of it though." 

Some shops reported problems obtaining enough glass and stated that they were currently waiting on glass to arrive to finish auto glass installations. 

"We are waiting on six pieces of glass right now," claims Rogers. "We are getting it in, but it's just slow right now." 

Others reported smooth deliveries, regardless of the increased number of replacements. 

"There hasn't been a glass lack yet for us. We haven't had any warehouse Problems. I know they're overloaded, but it seems to be running more smoothly than the last storm we had," asserts Haddock. 

Not one of the shops reported increased costs for glass from providers although some local reports referenced a rise of twenty-five p.c in the price of auto glass overnight.

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