to Bing and Yahoo or NOT to Bing in Yahoo

If you haven't heard by this point, Bing is increasing its share of the market and beginning to take a chunk of Google's. At this time, Bing is currently tied with Yahoo for second in the search site market share. For the first time, Microsoft will be well placed to say they are number two. And, with the search deal Microsoft has with Yahoo, they take up at least thirty percent of the search engine share of the market. Leaving Google with approximately 58% of the search share of the market, and is decreasing every day. 

In spite of what others may see in the world of SEO, I suspect Bing is going to be a much bigger player than most individuals thought. 

Therefore that leaves one question : Should you SEO for Bing? 

Definitely! You'd be foolish to Skip Bing and its growing market share.

The most important factor for Bing is domain age. The older the domain is, the more weight it will carry in their procedure. The rationale that Bing does this is down to the fact that you can't manipulate your domain name's age and history. 

So , should you buy an older website name? 

Most supposed "seo experts" would say yes , but I say no. 

Permit me to explain why : 

Bing, wants to see a consistency with the domain name's history. The rationale Bing wants to see just one owner all though its history. If you buy a domain name that bounces from owner to owner, it isn't going to rank well in any case. In this case, the whois will reveal registrar drops, and that may be a sign of purchasing older domain names. It is also an indicator that you are endeavoring to purchase older web site names with the sole purpose of manipulating the result. Too many registrar drops will very likely raise suspicion. 

What the search websites want to see is a steady possession history. They have complete access to the whois information. So , you will not be well placed to hide much from them, unless you pay. 

Another thing I'd like to mention, you should find a good website hosting provider and stay with them. If you're bouncing around website hosting firms every 6 months, which may raise some red flags, remember, most search engines have the entire whois history of your site name. If they see you are changing IP's and / or nameservers every 6 months, that it might be simply misconstrued as for something negative, regardless of whether it is not. 

Mull it over , Take eBay or Amazon, how many times did they change their ownership whois, nameservers, or IP? Doubtless not in any way. More established websites will have a solid and consistent history. The more solid and consistent your domain history is, the more authority it will have. 

Rather than buying an old name, purchase a new fresh domain name and keep the domain history consistent. You might need more back links than if you had an older domain name, but long term, you will benefit more.

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