BING On Page Search Engine Optimization

BING Search Engine Optimization

BING Search Engine Optimization 

There are a few on page Search Engine Optimization factors that Bing looks for when ranking your website. I'm only going to cover the 3 largest : title, outline and content. 

Your title tag is maybe the most vital to your on page Search Engine Optimization. Bing relies heavily on your title tag for significance. If you are not using your keywords in your title tag, you'll never rank well. Most people nowadays have caught on to it and how vital it is. 

When choosing your keywords for your title tag, be selective and pick keywords that are relevant to your page. Once you've rigorously chosen your keywords, make your most prominent keyword first in your title tag. Never repeat any of your keywords more often than once. You need to limit the amount of keywords you target per page. I always try to only target 2-3 keywords per page, but you can get away with 3-4. Don't go too far, there's a title tag personality limit of up to 70. 

Your meta description tag also plays a valuable role in your on page Search Engine Optimization with Bing. When you perform a search, you will probably noticed a quick outline under each web site listed. That is your meta description tag. If it was not an important factor, it wouldn't be there. 

So , when you add your tag, ensure it is well written, familiar and has your keywords in it. Remember, just like your title tag, don't repeat keywords and there's a character limit of almost 160. A catchy outline will make you stand out and enhance your click thru rate ( CTR ). Having a good CTR, does enhance your rankings, but it's a very small factor. 

Now it's time to speak about your content. Bing is extremely fussy when it comes to content. Well, all search websites are. The content on each page should be more than 300 words. Bing loves a lot of content. Hence don't limit it to only three hundred words. If you're writing an informative subject, it is going to be more than three hundred words. 

Bing, and most search sites do this to avoid shallow content. In their eyes, content under three hundred words provides no value to them. The more words you have, it'll have better value. That does not mean you have to draft two thousand words articles. 5 hundred words per page is a decent threshold. 500+ words should be your target. 

Do not use spun articles. Ever. You would like your own work, so you can build credibility and start branding yourself / business. All your content should be unique and provide price to your visitors, not recycled rubbish. 

When writing your content, don't repeat your keywords more than a pair times. The less you have them, the more natural your content is going to be. If you overuse, you are sending a clear message that you're attempting to manipulate the rankings. Do not worry about keyword saturation, it's dead and it has been for years 

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